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Classes are playful and creative, yet inspire to feel comfortable and relaxed, to go deeper, let go of physical and mental tension, and come out revitalized with a sense of inner peace, calm and joy.

  • 18:00 Thursday 15 June. Andrum STD

    120 Swedish kronor
  • 7:30am Kosters Trädgårdar (date/time to be confirmed)

    200 Swedish kronor
  • 9:15am Nord Koster Camping

    240 Swedish kronor
  • 200 Swedish kronor
  • 19:15 Thursdays, Andrum Strömstad (Starts 7 September)

    240 Swedish kronor
  • 12:00 Tuesdays Andrum Strömstad (small studio)

    120 Swedish kronor

Yoga, sound and bodywork
for you to explore, develop and heal.

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