Forest Bathing

& Yoga in Nature



Koster Islands (West coast Sweden)


21 - 23 October 2022

2023 dates out soon!

You are warmly invited to a deeply transformative retreat experience with 5 days of energising and invigorating Yoga in Nature and Forest Bathing.


We'll explore conscious relating, Forest philosophy, as well as deeply relaxing indoors Yin/Restorative practices, fun Magic 8 sessions, meditation, live music/mantra and Tibetan healing bowl sound baths in a small group of up to 12 participants.


Delicious vegetarian food will freshly made twice daily by kosterstradgardar eco-cafe for us.

Bright Start New Years Retreat 2023


Kosters Islands

(West coast Sweden)

27 - 29 January 2023

Celebrate 4 days of new years renewal, renovation and respite amidst a tranquil island haven in a small intimate group of up to 12 participants.


Breathe in fresh intentions and bathe in delicious yoga, movement, sound and conscious relating. Explore traditional/creative intention setting practices, journalling and crafting, sowing fresh seeds for a fruitful year to come!

Danke für die vielen Glücksmomente in dieser traumhaften Umgebung.
Thank you for the many moments of joy in dream surroundings.



Yoga & Dance Retreat Sardinia Island


Relevant relations - me and my significant other


22-28 October 2023

Join Imken for a special week of transformation and fun with Yoga & free moves in a private villa in Portobello’s unspoiled nature reserve, right on the ocean. Secluded private gardens, infinity pool and panoramic views.