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Always inspired by what students bring, Imken works spontaneously and intuitively and loves to teach with a gentle, heart opening approach.

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Always inspired by what students bring, Imken works intuitively and loves to teach with a gentle, heart opening approach.

Classes are playful and creative, yet comfortable and relaxed enough to go deeper for tension release, inner calm and revitalisation. 

Imken is passionate about sharing tools on finding freedom in movement and uses elements of massage, tai chi, sound, dance and forest bathing. Releasing the lower back is one of her key elements in class.  

Trained in Sama Yoga Yoga (Hatha yoga based), Restorative, Yin and Somatic Yoga (neuromuscular re-patterning) and trained in Craniosacral Therapy, Imken has taught yoga for over 10 years, practicing for over 20 years, with inspiration sourced from years of travel in India, Sweden and the UK.


Alongside live and online classes, workshops and retreats, Imken also works one to one with clients on specific needs and offers holistic yoga programs together with hands-on body work.



2012-13 Sweden & Bali

Sama Yoga Teacher Training (9 months) with Sky Akasha & crew

(270 hours)

2012 Mysore, India

Ashtanga, Prananyam & Mantra Intensive with Masterji Vishvanath

(100 hours)

2013 Bali

Sama Yoga Teacher Training (28 Day Intensive) with Sky Akasha & crew, Swami Vagishananda and Sharada

(270 hours)

2013-2014 Goa, India

Intensive Path of Tao Tai Chi/ Energy work with Panda Chi

(150 hours)

2013 Sweden

Module 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Biff Mithoefer 

(50 hours)  

2015 Sweden

Module 2 Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Biff

(50 hours)


2015 and 2017 UK

Level 1 & 2 Restorative Yoga from a Somatic Perspective with Aki Omori

(30 hours each)

2018 UK

Somatic Yoga Training with David & Amanda at Radiant Star Yoga

(50 hours & intermitendly ongoing)

200919 Imken Hamneholmen_K7A0448Imken ro


2013-16 Sweden

L1,2 & 3 Craniosacral Therapy Training with Leonid Soboleff

(60 hours each)

2015 Goa, India

L1+L2 Neuro-Somatic Release Training (NSR) with Sebastian Bartu

(2 and 3 days consecutively)

2016 Denmark

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) Vital Organ Massage with Leigh Blythe

(30 hours – training continues)

2013 & 2021 Sweden

Thai Massage/Osteopathy Training with Itzhac Helman & Pau Castellsagué

(50 hours each)

Since 2020 ongoing

Trauma/ Anxiety conferences & workshops with Gabor Maté, Alex Howard,

Sounds True, SAND, Richard C. Schwartz   

2022 & 2023 - 2025 Sweden

Family ConstellationTraining with Svagito Liebermeister

(80 hours per module 1, 2 + 3)


1980’s - 90’s Germany

Rock’n Roll, Tap Dance, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Salsa, member of Jazz Dance Group ‘Mad Move Company’

2013 Sweden

Spiderflower Dance with Rowan Jacqueline

(4 days)

2013 Goa, India

Contact Improv’ Festival ‘In Touch’

(1 week)

2016 Sweden

5Rhythms with Adam Barley

(4 days & ongoing intermittently)


Yoga, sound and bodywork for you to explore, develop and heal.

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