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Relaxed Breath 3 - Opening 'Wings'  + Shoulders

Relaxed Breath 3 - Opening 'Wings' + Shoulders

VAT Included

Relaxed Breath Course

(58 mins.)


Expand sensory awareness, balance your nervous system, free your breath.

Highly effective in unravelling tension, releasing 'pressure' and enabling/enhancing/improving lung functioning, general oxygen intake/nutrition of lungs and your entire cell body. 


In this series of classes I will guide you via mainly floor based slow, gentle breath and movement sequences, to create a stronger sense of how you use/feel your breath, and through that inspire your body to release, ground, relax and feel safe, settled and more self-aware.


Focus: lungs, chest area and shoulder girdle; with relaxation ripples felt through your whole body and mind, leaving you feeling relaxed, expansive, nourished and at ease.

Class 1: Meditative Breath Expansion
Class 2: Expanding Side Ribs + Back Release
Class 3: Opening Your 'Wings' Arms + Shoulders 
Class 4: Integrating Breath, Movement, Organic Play-Flow

Downloadable video. For personal use only.

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