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Somatic Yoga Series Happy Feet, Knees and Legs

Somatic Yoga Series Happy Feet, Knees and Legs

VAT Included

A relaxed, agile foot carries our body firmly and securely on the ground, as well as us as beings through life. Expect effects to ripple through feet, knees and legs.

In this course we explore gentle somatic movement to free tension and loosen muscular holding patterns in feet, knees and legs.

It’s slow, it’s subtle, yet goes deep.

Somatic Yoga focuses on slow, conscious movement to enable us detect where we can consciously release a little deeper, and where we can improve neural communication between musculature and brain.

With greater awareness of movement, you will create healthier habits to move with more ease, grace and freedom, and feeling more at home in your body and in tune.

Be warmly welcomed.

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