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Yin Yoga

Create greater freedom of movement and relax your body mind and soul.

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Hello/ hallo, Due to my fathers passing, classes are paused for some time. Exploration of what is needed continues in the quiet. Should you feel drawn to input your wishes for the upcoming months, please email me to I'd love to hear from you! / Ich würde mich freuen, von Dir zu hören! With love, Imken ~ Create greater freedom of movement and relax your body mind and soul deeply! We practice slow, easy lying and seated poses. You are welcome to rest into cushions, bolsters and covered with blankets. Yin Yoga helps to improve your range of movement and flexibility in your entire body. Particularly hips, shoulders, lower back, spine and neck can be freed from tension, allowing you to move more freely and fluidly. Yin (passive, cool like the moon, feminine) has a calming effect on the nervous system, thus mind. It also works energetically on your meridian lines, balancing and restoring energy levels of your vital organs - kidneys, liver, gallbladder, urinary bladder and stomach. 'Yin is the stable, unmoving, hidden aspect of things; yang is the changing, moving, revealing aspect.' - Paul Griley You are invited to relax into seated and lying postures over some minutes, muscles fully relaxed. A gentle stress/pull via your own body weight enables your fascia and connective tissue (Bindegewebe) to release out of tension and tightness. Joints and muscles start to release, ligaments lengthen. Slowly you will ease out of tension and stress - openness and flexibility return - as well as a sense of well-being, feeling more at home in your body, alive and vibrant. Everybody warmly welcomed. 'Thank you so much for the class by Akerselva. The different positions triggered a lot of well kept tension and your calmness and the feeling of support opened up something inside. Thanks!’ - Elin €18 with a class pass €20 single drop in Bookable up until 1 hour before Concession rates are available, please email Imken.

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