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Somatic Yoga Series 5

Lighting Up Pathways in Shoulder Girdle, Trapezius & Neck

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Hello/ hallo, Due to my fathers passing, classes are paused for some time. Exploration of what is needed continues in the quiet. Should you feel drawn to input your wishes for the upcoming months, please email me to I'd love to hear from you! / Ich würde mich freuen, von Dir zu hören! With love, Imken ~ €50 Early Bird offer | €55 after 26 April 2021 Experience the impact of loosening and releasing tension in the shoulders, shoulder girdle and neck, and be amazed on how it may impact positively on the well-being and relaxation of your entire body. Over three Thursdays live on zoom 11:30-12.45pm (Hamburg time), as well recorded playback video in your own time, or to repeat a class. Like a kite, the trapezius muscle spreads across a large area of your upper and mid back, connecting spine to shoulders and the neck. When in good shape, this muscle is a steady protection and support, and facilitates smooth movement in shoulder, arm, neck and head. In this 3-part course, you will be guided into slow, gentle movement sequences consciously, which will help you lighten up muscular awareness in those areas. This will help improve muscle to brain connection, re-pattern unconscious holding patterns into healthier, more fluid ones, and allow you to move with more ease, grace and freedom. Body can let go of efforting, tension and sense of feeling restricted. We will explore movement and breath, for the majority lying down, some seated, with in-between time to rest and sense – to let the brain digest and update neurological information (like a computer reset, if you like). A body scan, lying or standing, similar to a guided meditation, will round off beginning and end. There will be time to share your experience and clear questions at beginning and end of each class. Somatic yoga is practiced with very little effort, hence, should you experience pain or should your movement be restricted, you may still and perhaps particularly, benefit from it. Every BODY welcome! Thank you Imken It feels fantastic. - Froydis Concession rates are available, please email Imken. Photo Credit @ Magda V. on Unsplash

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