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Deep Relax (Online)

4 week Winter Course

About the Class

Release, unwind and let go with easy poses, fat and subtle breathes, and enjoy a deeply relaxed body, still mind, nervous system settled. Beneficial to free stress, tension and tightness, and deeply nourishing... We will explore still Hatha poses, Somatic movement and breath, for the majority lying down, some seated, with in-between time to rest and sense, as well as deep relaxation/ Nidra to send you into a sound nights sleep. In each class, you will be guided into slow, gentle breath and movement sequences consciously, which will will help you lighten up relaxation awareness in and around your chest and adjacent areas. Unconscious muscular holding patterns can be released, allowing you to breathe deeper and be with more ease. Ripples of relaxation will be felt through the whole body and mind, leaving you feeling super relaxed and expansive. Highly effective in unravelling tension, releasing 'pressure’, enhancing/improving lung functioning and easing out of anxious-ness. Join us live in a small, intimate group, or access playback recordings to practice in your own time any time. Recordings are available over 7 days after class. Low income discounts available, please ask. 50% off for your screen share partner (coupon code ScreenShare50 at checkout). Also available on EPASSI (Imken yoga) here: (For Swish payments, choose manual payment at checkout.) Be warmly welcomed.

Upcoming classes

Cancellation Policy

Please note that your booking for this class is Non-Exchangeable & Non-Refundable.

Contact Details

  • Nordkoster, Sweden

    +46 76 072 66 70

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