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Relaxed Breath

4 week course Monday eve's

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Highly effective in unravelling tension, releasing 'pressure' and enabling/enhancing/improving lung functioning, general oxygen intake/nutrition of lungs and your entire cell body. This course may be helpful for when experiencing general tension, stress, anxiety, wanting to balance the nervous system and relieving tightness in chest/restricted breath. Or, simply to enjoy unwinding, slowing down, and releasing and relaxing into a more expansive body and stiller mind. In each class, you will be guided into slow, gentle breath and movement sequences consciously, which will will help you lighten up muscular/relaxation awareness in and around your rib 'basket' (as opposed to 'cage') and adjacent areas. You will expand your lung capacity and increase your oxygen intake. Unconscious muscular holding patterns in and around your chest can be released, allowing you to breathe deeper and be with more ease. Ripples of relaxation will be felt through the whole body and mind, leaving you feeling relaxed and expansive. We will explore Hatha poses, warm ups and Somatic movement and breath, for the majority lying down, some seated, with in-between time to rest and sense, as well as deep relaxation to send you into a sound nights sleep. YOU are welcome. Please note this course is offered LIVE ON ZOOM only (and NOT recorded). You will receive a zoom link via email on booking and a reminder the day before class. Cost: 75 € Booking closes Sunday 11th September.

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