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Deeply relax, invigorate and recharge with yoga and breath exercises in movement and meditation. Heart open, playfulness and listening in to your personal voice are key. Here, you can renew your energy, calm your mind and enjoy benefits through your entire week. Classes are fuelled by groups and personal needs, and using asana (posture), breath exercises, sound, relaxation, meditation and the odd Tai Chi move. We will address pain spots, stiffness and nurture and mobilise joints, ligaments and the entire system. Welcome as you are, beginning to and practicing yoga. Be encouraged to book early committing a care slot to your self. (Bookings are open until start.) Varmt välkommen! Join our local Facebook group 'ImkenYoga Stromstad, Koster & Oslo' for updates. Cost: 22 € drop-in 18 € with Summer pass Location: Nord Koster Camping From Camping reception, walk down the main path to ocean, then 20 meters right, next to kayaks. We are right there on the grass. Note: No classes between 15 - 21 July 2022.

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Please note that your booking for this class is Non-Exchangeable & Non-Refundable.

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+46 76 072 66 70


Nordkoster, Sweden