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Mobile Hips & shoulders

4 week course

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Highly effective in unravelling muscular tension and enabling/enhancing/improving sensory motor awareness/ability/control. This course may be helpful for when experiencing general tension or stress, experiencing tight/compressed/tender hips (and lower back) or/and restriction in shoulder movement. Or, simply to enjoy unwinding, slowing down, and releasing and relaxing into a more expansive body and stiller mind. We will unwind from our center to release sacrum (low back), sacroiliac joint (hip bone - spine connection), hip flexors, psoas muscle, pelvis, shoulder joints & blades, and enjoy rippling on relaxation effects through the entire body. In each class, you will be guided into slow, gentle movement sequences consciously, which will will help you lighten up muscular awareness. This will help improve muscle to brain connection, re-pattern unconscious holding patterns into healthier, more fluid ones, and allow you to move with more ease, grace and freedom. Body can let go of efforting, tension and sense of feeling restricted. We will explore movement and breath, for the majority lying down, some seated, with in-between time to rest and sense – to let the brain digest and update neurological information (like a computer reset, if you like). A body scan, lying or standing, similar to a guided meditation, will round off beginning and end. There will be time to share your experience and clear questions at beginning and end of each class. Somatic yoga is practiced with very little effort, hence should you experience pain or should your movement be restricted, you may still and perhaps particularly, benefit from it. Every BODY welcome ! PRACTICALS This course is available live via Zoom over four Thursdays at 11:30 CET as well as via VIDEO RECORDING. Recordings are made accessible within 24 hours after each live class on www.imkendonde.com, and remain accessible until 7 days after course ends. Recordings are also made available to buy and keep for a small cost shortly after course ends. You will receive a zoom link via email on booking and a reminder the day before class. Booking closes on Sunday 30 October. 75 € for Live + Recorded 60 € for Anytime Recorded (email hello@imkendonde.com for 20% off discount code). NEW: Receive 50% off when sharing screen. Simply email hello@imkendonde.com to receive payment link. Be warmly welcomed.

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