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London Yoga Sat 8 June @ 10am-12noon

Neck & Shoulder Release (Somatically)

About the Class

Be warmly welcomed to a fusion of free moment, relaxedly activating yoga, massage as well as slow sense-based, neural-repair micro-moves unravelling tension in your neck and shoulders somatically. Enjoy a deep release, and fine relaxation - doing less and feeling more.... Ripples will be felt through the whole body, nervous system balanced, mind calm. “I’ve so enjoyed these classes.  Incredibly powerful!”  — Fiona Somatic yoga is a brilliant tool that can help with very little movement and via guiding awareness into your neurological pathways, to re-pattern habitual 'holding' patterns effortlessly and releasing skeletal and muscular holding patterns. which often, we are not aware off. Suitable to any age group, and during injury recovery.. Places: 9 Location: Fulham - Tube Putney Bridge; Hammersmith Cost: £35 (charged as 480 sek) £28 (charged as 380 sek) Student/low income discounts with promo code ConcessionLondon Please bring your own mat. Be warmly welcomed to unravel and unwind. (For Craniosacral Privates 17/18/19 June, email

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Cancellation Policy

Please note that your booking for this class is Non-Exchangeable & Non-Refundable.

Contact Details

  • Fulham, London, UK

    +46 76 072 66 70

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