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Forest Bathing & Yoga in Nature

Långfredag 7 April 11:00 | Saturday 8 April 12:00 Kosters Trädgårdar

About the Class

Start your Easter weekend moving, activating and oxygenating under the trees and awaken and align your body and senses with a rejuvenating, fun outdoors yoga session and forest bathing exercises in Kosters beautiful Nature! Forest Bathing is a Japanese well-being practice designed to heighten connection to nature as well as our selves and our senses, letting us feel connected, joyful and centred. In combination with yoga, a perfect match to soften into fuller breaths, increase flexibility, and awareness for the beauty/healing strength nature offers. Leave feeling relaxed and balanced to glide into your beautiful Easter weekend! You're fine in regular clothes, no mat needed. Exercises will be active/gentle enough, suitable to you who comes. Depending on weather, classes are more vigorous and moving, or relaxing and softening. Welcome as you are, you'll be nourished wherever you're at. Enjoy 10% off your Kosters Tradgardar lunch! Varmt välkommen in any weather! Please book ahead of time as places are limited. Dates: Långfredag 11:00-12:30 Easter Saturday 12:00-13:30 Cost: 30€ Also available on EPASSI (Imken Yoga)

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Cancellation Policy

Please note that your booking for this class is Non-Exchangeable & Non-Refundable.

Contact Details

+46 76 072 66 70

Nordkoster, Sweden

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