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Yoga, sound & bodywork
for you to explore, develop and heal.


Strömstad & Koster Classes


Welcome to relaxed classes all year on Koster, Spring & Autumn in Strömstad...
Summer Ocean Yoga at Lyths Camping, and Forest Yoga at Kosters Trädgårdar
gardens await you this year, inclusive of brunch ...

Available also via epassi/ Friskvård health allowances. 

  • 9:15 Lyths Nordkoster Camping 25 Jun-2 Aug

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    210 Swedish kronor
  • TBC Tuesdays 19:00 in Andrum Strömstad

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    250 Swedish kronor
  • 8:00 Mon/Fri at Myrenvägen near Västra Bryggan

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    210 Swedish kronor
Yoga on the Beach
Bespoke Yoga Retreats

We're offering exclusive private retreats for family groups, friend circles and corporate experiences.



Be invited to experience fun, quirkiness and deep inner peace in one of my specials, attuned to your personal needs...



Having not done yoga for a long time, I have been wanting to get back to it, but I have felt shy and insecure about being inflexible and more than a little rusty. I reached out on the Arambol FB page asking for a slow and gentle yoga class, but I could not have imagined what a beautiful teacher and practice I would be introduced to! yin yoga married with somatic yoga! I felt such a deep sense of being able to be just as I was, no need to perform or be better or more flexible than I am. The depth of my surrender and relaxation could not be described, I am so grateful existence introduced me to such a teacher!


Pia Prana

Forest Bathing

& Yoga in Nature


 Koster Islands (West coast Sweden)

2-4 August 2024

13-15 September 2024

25-27 April 2025

You are warmly invited to a deeply transformative retreat experience with 3 days of energising and invigorating Yoga in Nature and Forest Bathing, in an intimate group of up to 12 participants.

Delicious vegetarian food will be freshly made twice daily by Koster Trädgårdar eco-cafe for us. Accommodation options are available.

Liebste Imken! I love your yoga sharings! Your knowledge on asanas, mantras, mudras, the body seems infinite. How you tailor the classes to the needs of the people present is incredible. I love the flow, the combo of yin & yang. The music you play and use it fitting each moment as if it was made for it, especially the savansana melody you play on the guitar is so sweet. Your touch is gentle and healing. I am full of gratitude for learning from you. Your teachings are an inspiration. Start being more convinced of what you are doing, being more sure about yourself and your teaching, it is so wonderful, unique & Imken!



Yoga & Dance Retreat


(Northern Coast Sardinia, Italy)

20 - 26 October 2024

Join Imken for a bespoke week of sun-soaked yoga, free movement, dance and conscious relating on the grounds of two adjacent private luxury villas (Yoga Retreat Center Sardinia) with infinity pools on an unspoiled ocean reserve.


Perfect for safe solo travels, or sharing with a friend/s or partner.

Enjoy delicious food, freshly prepared by a vegetarian chef, and escape on unforgettable excursions to mesmerising nature spots…